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2018 AGR Holiday Classic Awards

Crafted simply was chosen to make the awards for the 2018 AGR Holiday Classic.

Adison Niese of the Ohio Cattleman’s Association reached out to us to create the awards for the 2018 AGF Holiday Classic.  We are so happy that she did.
She had a custom order to create awards made from our photo memory boards. We were honored to be a part of their program and create these AGR Holiday Classic Awards.

The finish used on these awards was Ebony stain. The title was done with white paint .

We made 25 small and 25 medium sized boards. The small boards were for the top 10 showman for 5 different divisions. And the medium sized boards were for Champion, Reserve Champion, 3rd overall, 4th overall and 5th overall in 5 different divisions.

This order from start to finish took us roughly about 2 weeks.

“This was special to me in many ways. I grew up showing swine. Now my kids are showing livestock as well. I love being a part of a program that teaches kids responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership, decision making, and finally putting animals first! As a kid, my dad always taught us that animals need to be fed before anything else. They are not able to fend for themselves as domestic animals. This is something that I’ve enjoyed teaching my kids as well.” ~ Owner Jennifer Frye

The Ohio cattlemen’s association is a non-profit membership organization that is focused and driven to represent the business interests and way of life important to Ohio’s cattle families.

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