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What Is a Photo Memory Board?

When we tell people what we create, we often get the question, “What is a photo memory board?” The short answer is, it’s a board that can hold your photos and be put on display. From clocks to livestock decor, sports boards to wedding boards, we offer them all to those who want a special touch in their home.

what is a photo memory board what is a photo memory board what is a photo memory board

However, we like to think of our photo memory boards as much more than just a fancy picture frame. For us, it’s a way to cherish our best memories. These boards showcase the finest moments in our lives, from the birth of a child to a graduation, from high school highlights to a roaring athletic victory. Whatever it is you choose to feature, we have a photo board that can make it happen.

Each board is created with quality wood, vibrant paint, and sturdily attached clips to hold the photographs in place. These features aside, the rest is entirely customizable. You tell us what shape, color, number of clips, and so on, that you need to make your board feel truly unique. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our products, as well as what we can do to make your photo board exceed your expectations.


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